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For Educators by Innovators

Welcome to the EdTech Field Guide. My name is Mike de Leon and I created EdTech Field Guide to be your go to resource for a wide collection of crowdsourced trainings, resources, tips and tricks that are geared towards sparking innovation in your classroom. Our mission is simple. To promote and drive innovation, collaboration, and inspiration in your classroom. We aim to provide resources that empower educators to be the trail blazers in providing future ready learning opportunities for every student.


Who is EdTech Field Guide For?

EdTech Field Guide is for all educators who are eager to learn more about innovative teaching practices in education.

Anyone who wants to learn more and share more should be here.

How do I use EdTech Field Guide?

We've designed your experience on EdTech Field Guide to begin with a search. From the homepage, you can type in the search box to locate instructional modules, resources, or innovative projects that you may be interested in. 

Content is organized primarily in the form of modules, resources (guides), and projects.

Modules are professional learning opportunities you can benefit from that vary in topic and range from beginner to advanced levels.

Resources are more general and have a focus on teaching & learning. Many resources may act as a good introduction to an innovative approach to teaching or using technology effectively with your students. Some resources are also specifically tied to a particular content and/or grade level.

Projects are our way of paying homage to all the Innovators who have helped make EdTech Field Guide possible either directly or through sheer inspiration. They are a collection of Innovator projects from around the world to help inspire your inner innovator! Plus, it will give you an opportunity to connect directly with the great work they are doing. 

Because of the great work that is ALWAYS happening within the #GoogleEI community, always rest assured that our "knowledge base" of resources is continuously growing.

Who makes EdTech Field Guide?

All of us do! Anyone can add and edit their own content and information as presented on the site. 

The initial concept of having customized and personalized professional development options was initially dreamt of and then brought to fruition through inspiration and frequent iterations during the first rebranding of the Google Certified Innovator Academy in Mountain View, CA. EdTech Field Guide is truly a product of the collective knowledge and experience Google Certified Innovators hold worldwide (more of our story below).

Can I be part of the EdTech Field Guide team?

Certainly! If you're interested in helping out with EdTech Field Guide, don't hesitate to shoot a message our way!

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Initially founded and conceptualized by Mike de Leon, its evolution from a distant spark into a personalized PD repository curated by experts around the world emerged from the intense work completed with other Google Certified Innovators during the #MTV16 cohort. We aim to provide high quality learning opportunities for all educators in 'bite-sized' pieces. Because EdTech Field Guide contains a wide variety of content that spans the range of all the Innovator cohorts, we feel that the more educators who have access to Google Certified Educators/Innovators and Trainers, the greater our impact on kids will be. Find your needs, share with all, teach with passion!

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