BreakoutEDU Session: Escape to altEarth

You've all seen the first episode of Lost. This is what it feels like... As you open your eyes, you realize that you also have the worst headache imaginable. As you look around, you realize you're not on "this" planet anymore. At least that's what you think. Let's examine the CLUES.

To start, you can tell simply by looking up in the sky! It's clear that this is NOT where you began. 
At your feet, you find a map of a foreign location and a large box with four digital inputs. 

When you shake the box, it says, "Open me with four codes for a trip back to HOME." 

Suddenly, the box beeps and the timer begins. Good luck!

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Click to take a closer look...

Click to take a closer look...

Such  space  - so devine!

Such space - so devine!