It's only the beginning...

As everyone who has been selected starts the process of getting approval and making preparations for this very special opportunity; it's hard to not think about how our new cohort will work, struggle, and succeed together. Why? To help each other make our passions shine even brighter than they have before!  To work together in making education that much more awesome for all. 

This afternoon, I thought about us in this cohort, and of us individually within our local teams and PLCs across the nation. I thought about how we make impactful change for students on a daily basis. I was then brought back to thinking about how our group will do great things just like the ones that have gone before us have done... Okay, let's all take a deep breath and in unison say, "Mind BLOWN!" Yup, it's THAT exciting!

All this thought while sketch noting random shapes and objects (such as light bulbs) for inspiration and ideas for projects my team and I have been working on. Couple that with thoughts of needing a new car, I mashed the GoogleEI lightbulb with this quote from Henry Ford and thought, "How appropriate." 

We begin, progress, and succeed -- together.

Tools/workflow used for image:
Brain->Scratch Paper -> Mail App (For image in email)-> IMG -> Adobe Post -> Final touch with edit in Preview (or any image editor of your choice)

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