Google Sites Up for a Redesign

First of all, I'm excited to FINALLY see a re-do of Google Sites! Second, I'm glad they're giving us some warning! (Remember when Google Forms switched over? ;) )

This new update will make creating websites easier for users by incorporating a new platform that supports drag-and-drop editing, enhanced collaboration features (They're saying it's very 'Google Docs' like), and new responsive design templates.

The new version will first be available to Google Apps for Business users, but should eventually appear in Google Apps for Edu too. I own a Google Apps for Business domain and I have applied for early adopter status to test the new Google Sites as soon as possible. When I have access I will be sure to post a video about the new version of Google Sites here.

Some notes from Google:

  • The classic version of Google Sites will remain fully functional for at least one year.
  • In the future, we will provide options for moving content from classic Google Sites.

Check the press release here.