Streamlining Feedback with Forms and DocAppender


Field Guide: Les McBeth


Twitter: @lesmcbeth


What does the future of learning look like? It is highly personalized, embedded in the “real world,” and requires students to work together to identify and solve problems using their own ideas. Students need their learning to be relevant, they want to be in charge, and they should be learning to think divergently and extrapolate information independently.

In order for this to happen, teachers need to hand the reigns to students and move away from teacher-directed learning. We need to allow students to explore their own ideas and find solutions that require us to learn along with them. Does that sounds like an organizational nightmare when you’re already short on time every day? How can we possibly create assessments, provide feedback, and keep track of students who are all going in different directions?

With this resource, you will learn how to leverage Forms and docAppender to design and manage authentic, student-driven learning experiences based on Design Thinking principles. You will learn to streamline your workflow to provide timely feedback and to track and organize data for students.