Google Trends 'Predicts' The Country's 'Favorite' in Tonight's Game 7 of the World Series

What is this? Well, to me, this image alone sums up (at least I’d like it to anyway) that the entire country “wants the Cubs to win” of course! Well.. except for one certain state.. “Ahem…” But really, we’re looking at the number of ‘lookups’ if you will for the two respective teams over the last 24 hours. Clearly, the Cubbies are your #1 Team hit. Google Trends is a great way to gain insight into what users are basically looking up.

This data set is easy to achieve. First, you enter one of your search categories. In this case, it’s the Chicago Cubs.

Next, you’ll have a chance to actually add a secondary search term to compare.

This time, you can add the Cleveland Indians.

You’ll then want to go ahead and limit your search terms to the last day since today, Game 7 day is what we’re after. Then, go and look at the “Interest by Region” area and take a look there!

The results are always live and thus, continuously updated so your results may vary. But to me, this is convincing enough. ;) Here’s to probably the most dramatic and history World Series Game 7 EVER! 

But of course... We all know this looking solely at specific data. What kind of conversation can you have with your students about what this data is telling us? Let alone the TRUE meaning of the data? Let the discourse begin!