Get into 360˚ with the Theta SC

IMG Src: Ricoh

I've been a long evangelist for 360˚ photography and videography. The immersive experiences kids (and adults) get while viewing photospheres or watching a 360˚ video flips the way the user views media. They transport the viewer to different locations and provide an opportunity to 'experience' and learn about new places and cultures that diverge from the static imagery of textbook photos and stacks of VHS tapes.

For quite some time, I have been fortunate enough to be working with the Ricoh Theta S. A great camera that right now can be had just under $350

But now, there's a 'new kid' in town! And this guy will pretty much get you the same performance at almost $50 in savings! Enter The Ricoh Theta SC. This camera keeps the same dual 14.5 MP sensors at 180˚ FOV each (Stitched internally). You'll still use the standard Theta apps as well. What you do miss out on is long recording times (limited to 5 min HD) and an HDMI out. The HDMI out on the Theta S though is amazing. If you caught me at the Illinois #GAFESummit this past summer, I worked the Demo Slam with a livestream 360˚ which that HDMI port can come in handy for if you're into that sort of #geeky thing!

The Ricoh Theta SC is available now in beige, blue, pink, and white for just $300. And if you want to go even more budget, there's always the Theta M15.