Hangouts On Air moving from Google+ to YouTube Live - YouTube Help

Well here you go, "moving on" from Google Hangouts on Air (Via Google+) to YouTube Live. Some of the notable changes:

  • Q&A Feature - Removed (Deferred to social media or Google Slides)
  • "Showcase" and "Applause" - Removed

Ultimately though, YouTube does seem to be the better fit for Hangouts On Air as the products have always been native to YouTube. Plus, when live-streaming, YouTube, with it's YouTube Live, is a perfect match!

According to YouTube's Live Streaming Guide:

Hangouts On Air will move from Google+ to YouTube Live on September 12. If you want to schedule new Hangouts On Air you will need to use YouTube Live. Events cannot be scheduled on Google+ after September 12 and you will need to move existing events scheduled to happen after September 12 to YouTube Live.

Direct From the Setup Guide:

Set up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live

You can use YouTube Live to create a Quick event with Hangouts On Air, or a Custom event using an encoder. Learn how to set up a live stream with YouTube Live.

Follow these steps to set up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live:

  1. Go to Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio.
  2. Click New live event.
  3. Select Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air).
  4. Give your live stream a title.
  5. Click Go live now or enter in details to schedule your event for later.
  6. Use Hangouts to broadcast live.

Schedule a YouTube Live broadcast

YouTube Live has built-in events scheduling that lets you schedule your event for a future date and time. This feature is similar to Google+ and Calendar integration for Hangouts On Air.

Control who can see the broadcast

When you create a new event, you can select one of three options:

  • Public - Anyone can see and access the event.
  • Unlisted - The event isn’t shown publicly but anyone with a link can join. This is identical to the previous Google+ Hangouts On Air setting.
  • Private - Only people you specifically invite can join the event. You can share the event with a domain, group, or individual.

Access Google+ Hangouts On Air content

You will continue to have access to your recorded event on YouTube. Google+ will have your event content available in read-only format in the Activity Log.

Q&A, Showcase, and Applause

These apps are currently not available on YouTube Live.

Google Slides has a Q&A feature that can be used as part of a broadcast. You can also use various social media platforms to gather questions ahead of the event.

You can use the event description to share links with your audience.