Have you updated your iOS GAFE suite yet? You should and this is why…

Yesterday was a great day indeed for all iOS users. ESPECIALLY iPad users. iOS9’s split-view for multitasking apps has FINALLY come to the Google Apps suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides - Hangouts next please!) and it is fantastic!

It was just earlier in the day where I was dreading having to go into Google Docs just because of this inefficient use of “space.” But just a few hours later, all is now good in the world!

See for yourself!

What’s next? Well, I still have a few issues with the Google Apps suite.. some formatting things (Despite being on a 12” iPad) still appear inconsistent to how they appear on a desktop browser, Slides is still not very media friendly, app specific add-on compatibility, and of course, our love for extensions (in Chrome) are still big hangups for me. I really shouldn’t feel like I have to always need a laptop or chromebook nearby.

Either way, this is a big step for Google Apps on iOS and I’m glad we’re getting closer to what we would expect on a laptop/desktop/chromebook but on the iOS front. Keep it up Google Apps team!

Download Links: Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive