Differentiating Differently with Hapara

Differentiation is just 'one of those things' that's difficult to do when taking learning to the digital realm. You think about how great it is to differentiate your lessons but when you start moving your content and your pedagogical styles to mesh well with an increasingly digital environment, many soon find that they're more likely to move backwards instead.  Usually reverting towards 'teaching to the middle' all over again. 

One of the topics I often send to Google while hitting that Send Feedback link is grouping students within a classroom. Right now, that is not possible. All posts are geared towards one grand audience and can be an endless stream.

So what's out there that can solve this? Because currently, teachers would have to breakup the classroom physically to get kids into groups. On top of that, if the groups were to work collaboratively within GAFE, there would have to be some interesting ways in which directions are given to have the sharing initially be only within that group.

However, the more I look at how Hapara's Workspace feature operates, the more I like it. In Workspace, you get the same content that can be displayed in classroom. But that's where the similarities end. Content is contextualized and most importantly, differentiated. Instead of seeing ALL content, student sees the content that is targeted directly towards the learner to allow the individual to achieve success. This is done by separating your students into smaller groups.

Grouping students in Hapara is as easy as dragging and dropping students into group cards! And "easy" is the way most of us educators like it! Add the fact that you can scaffold your content from the beginning as opposed to doing so day by day, you'll soon see where more work can be done in Classroom.