Breakout the 4C's with your class with BreakoutEDU - It's Time for Something Different (Resources you can use!)

One of our main focal points this year is to help teachers become more aware of how they can better utilize the 4C's of 21st Century Learning in classrooms. One of the best ways to do this is to bring BreakoutEDU into your Classroom!

By Maria Galanis and Sylvia Duckworth

By Maria Galanis and Sylvia Duckworth

When you carry out a BreakoutEDU, you're bringing new ways of thinking, doing, and LEARNING to your classroom that curriculum maps oftentimes DON'T do justice to.

In terms of getting started, the materials you need to get going are minimal. And when it comes to creating games, you have a supportive community that's readily available and always willing to collaborate.

Below, I've compiled a resource guide that basically is a collection of almost everything already out there -- in one, easy to get to place! In addition, if you want to go ahead and make a box yourself, you can do that too with the 'shopping list' below!

Are you ready to Breakout the 4C's in your classroom? Go for it with a BreakoutEDU!

Looking to create your own kit? Here's the basic of list of everything you need to order! Be sure to look at the supplemental items you'll want to add to your game kit (Hint cards, reflection cards, success posters, etc!)

Building your BreakoutEDU Kit:

BOX - The box is literally what holds things together in this! The reflection cards inside, and your students' attention! Here's a basic box to get you going that's a good size, is lockable, and easily transportable from home, to and from your car, your class, and between shared classrooms!


Lock Hasp - The 'binder!' The hasp is the main piece that turns the single lock on your toolbox into multiple! Link all your locks together with this handy and CRITICAL piece!


UV Light - We have a few of these and they do have various degrees of 'sensitivity' if you will. The one linked below is extremely bright and in my opinion, the best tool for all of your UV light needs.


UV Pens - Three different colored pens plus a mini UV light for your spot checking as your craft your clue.


Word Lock - Really get your participants guessing with the word lock! Best practice is to look at the list of possible word combinations first, and then craft your clue around a key word from that list!


Directional Lock - This will be your go to lock when you need kids thinking about directions. Use a map, or other 'clues' that guide your audience from point A to Point B. Hint: Make sure you teach your group how to 'reset' the lock before entering a new combo!


4 Digit Combo Lock - Just your standard numerical 4 digit lock!


3 Digit Combo Lock - Just your standard numerical 3 digit lock! Luggage locks like the one below do quite well!


Basic Keyed Lock - Again, a typical lock. This time, with a key. The 'Key' thing though is be clever how you hide the key!


Do you have any other lock ideas? Digital or otherwise? Let us know and we'll grow the list! Make your BreakoutEDU an evolving resource you can always have for your classes!