Spring forward with new touch capable Chromebooks!

Today is the day you can now order the new Dell convertible Chromebook. Just another new addition to the growing list of not only touch capable ChromeOS devices but stylus friendly devices! 

The Dell Chromebook 11 Convertible will have a 6th-Generation Intel Celeron processor, but unlike the Acer and ASUS products, Dell’s 2-in-1 Chromebook will not have a stylus included, nor will it have a “world facing” camera when the display is moved into tablet mode. If you want those features, you will have to get the Windows 10 version of this Chromebook, the Latitude 11 Convertible. The Chromebook 11 Convertible model will be released on February 7 for $349
— Android Authority

These Chromebooks, added to the ones earlier announced or released by Acer, Asus, and Samsung are fast tracking ChromeOS use into all curricular areas of the classroom! With the touch / stylus capabilities of these devices, they can now be used more frequently with Math, Science, and fine arts.